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Welcome to Luxury AM, the premier resource for finding incredible new developments in Marbella, Spain. We are your go to luxury realtors in Marbella that can connect you with the right place to settle down and enjoy life. You will be delighted with the beautiful scenery and quality of life this region has to offer. Known for its beautiful weather and abundant sunlight, Costa Del Sol is a great place to call home or have an investment property. In recent years the south of Spain has become a hotspot for not only tourism, but people relocating from other areas in Europe due to the incredible living conditions.

Best New Developments In Marbella, Costa Del Sol


Luxury New Build Developments in Costa Del Sol That Will Take Your Breath Away

LAM is the real estate team in the Costa Del Sol region known for listing only the finest properties in Marbella. New developments for sale in our portfolio, you will find, far surpass the competition. Being the trusted local real estate broker gives us an extraordinary vantage point when it comes to the best new developments in Costa Del Sol – properties that are simply too good to pass up. Whether you are a young family looking for your first investment property, or a seasoned real estate investor – we have what you are looking for in new build properties. Costa Del Sol is a truly special location and our real estate agents in the area are ready to show you excellent properties that offer a taste of the finest living Spain has on offer.

All New Build Properties In Spain Are Situated In Outstanding Locations

If you're looking for a new home on the coast of Spain, you have found the right real estate agent to connect you with fantastic new developments. Marbella, Spain has seen rapid improvement in brand new luxury housing due to its increasing popularity among investors and expats alike. At LAM, we always provide the latest information and have our finger on the pulse for all new build developments in Costa Del Sol. Our team offers quality connections with real estate developers in the area and will happily assist you in finding your dream home.

Fantastic New Build Apartments Costa Del Sol & Marbella New Builds for Sale from Leading Developers

Our team, consisting of talented Marbella real estate agents, is committed to finding the finest new developments in Costa Del Sol that will exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to our clients, our community and to facilitating the buying and selling of the finest real estate Marbella has to offer. The Costa Del Sol area, having a reputation for its outstanding weather, is well-known throughout the world as both an excellent tourism destination and a great opportunity for firms looking to invest in new developments. Marbella and its welcoming atmosphere, incredible local food and fisheries, have become the diamond of southern Spain. Contact us today about our portfolio of new build properties in Spain and get on the road to living your best life here in Costa Del Sol.

Marbella New Developments for Sale

Marbella is known for its serene and peaceful environment and community, making it a great destination for any type of vacation, with people coming from all over to get away from the hustle of the city and experience its amazing lifestyle. Our estate agents in Marbella, Spain, are happy to take you around town and show you every new development. Marbella certainly has a lot to offer to both the savvy investor and the expat interested in buying new build apartments in Costa Del Sol. If you are looking for new build homes in Spain, Marbella has what you are looking for and we offer only the best to those who are after luxury living. The Costa del Sol region is hard to beat with access to larger cities for shopping, nightlife and dining offers secluded areas with a small village feel.

Some of the Best New Developments in Marbella & New Build Apartments in Costa Del Sol?

Are you interested in experiencing the amazing microclimate and vistas of the mountains meeting the shores of Costa Del Sol? New build apartments in Marbella are perfect for the savvy entrepreneur looking to branch out or an expat looking to settle in on the southern coast of Spain. Whether you want to move closer to the beach for your own personal getaway or want to live on the mesa closer to the old town, we’re the real estate agents in Marbella who can help you.

The Best New Build Property Facilities in Spain

Our aim has always been to be the best real estate agent for new build homes in Spain. We have achieved that goal by creating relationships and connections that allow us to offer you the absolute best new property developments in Spain. Marbella is famous for its rich atmosphere and incredible landscape along with its welcoming local population. There are countless villages near Marbella that offer their own charm, local shops and eateries, thereby providing several options for expats living here!

Embrace The Authentic Spanish Lifestyle With Our Collection Of New Build Homes In Spain

If you’re looking into moving to Costa Del Sol on a permanent basis, then you should definitely look into our new build apartments. Costa Del Sol has luxurious apartments that will please even the most discerning of investors. The surprisingly great year-round weather is a large draw for tourists both domestic and international. Our Marbella property sales are booming as a result of the multiple demographics flocking to the region. Do not hesitate to contact us and look at our new build apartments in Costa Del Sol!

Find Your Dream New Build Property In Spain With One Eden, Costa Del Sol’s Top Property Developer

If you are on the hunt for holiday homes in the Costa Del Sol region, we are your leading real estate agent that has the relationships you need to invest in new build developments. Costa Del Sol is a favourite vacation destination because of its unparalleled scenery, interesting local culture, and miles of Beachfront. The area has proven profitable to entrepreneurs with a good eye and savvy investors over the last decade. This is only one reason that so many people love Costa Del Sol and makes it a great place for aspiring real estate investors to thrive. Get in touch today about your future home in paradise!

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Developers and residents in Marbella have relied on us for decades to sell their newly developed luxury houses and estates. We are the real estate agent the local community and international clients consider first when looking for their dream home in Costa del Sol. When it comes to new developments for sale, Costa Del Sol has luxury properties that have investors around the world talking. Our estate and home experts in Marbella have a great list of excellent and exclusive opportunities to invest in developments. Costa Del Sol has a wealth of incredible properties available for you to check out. Live the life you deserve in an environment that is simply impossible to beat with plenty of sun, temperate mountain air and sandy beaches. We make shopping for new build developments in Costa Del Sol simple, so be sure to contact us today!

New Developments Costa Del Sol & Marbella FAQs

The Costa del Sol and Marbella areas are well known as hotspots for international and domestic tourism year-round which is why there is such a boom in new build apartments. Marbella has a very dynamic nightlife scene, excellent locally-owned eateries showcasing the finest cuisine that Spain has on offer, great views and unbeatable weather with over 300 days of sunshine per year.

When it comes to investing in new build, Costa Del Sol has become the darling among entrepreneurs and expats alike. The area has become so popular that return on investment is as close to a guarantee as you will get. Whether you are a family looking to relocate to a better climate, an equity firm with eyes on property as a store of value or just looking to invest in a second home, you will find the area appealing.

The data says yes. As it turns out, Brits are not the only people who are attracted to purchasing property in Marbella. New build for sale in the area has become increasingly popular in recent years among residents of the UK and general foreigners as well. One reason is likely its consistently good weather and appealing lifestyle year-round. Estate agents in Marbella have reported an uptick in foreigners looking to purchase luxury real estate in the area.

In Marbella, new build for sale as well as apartments are getting hard to find due to the increasing demand for real estate in the area. Over the last ten years, the real estate investment world has become affixed with Costa Del Sol as one of the go-to places to find a return on investment - in short periods of time as well. LAM certainly has the relationships that investment firms are after when it comes to new developments in Costa Del Sol.

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